Breathing life back into Argent, and the Paladin

Obanar“Master, I told them we have no time. That Argent is under seige, that…”

“Hold, please dear friend. Start over.”

“This one, he’s dead.”

“I can see that, Rrowthar.”

“Of course you can, sir. Sorry, sir. What I mean is they want him back. They want him raised. But I told them they were needed, that the world needs them, that it will take too much time… but they won’t do it until we raise him.”

Obanar holds up his hand for a moment. The sound of something huge crashing against the walls of the city can be heard, distant and low. “I feel that I am missing something. Tell me your story, adventurers.”

Obanar listens intently as the party tells him of their fights with the elementals, the destruction of Three Forks, and the dragon that ended up killing Dow.

“That explains the sulfur smell…”

Obanar bows his head low. “Thank you. Truly, thank you all of you. That my trusted seneschal found you at all is something of a miracle. Perhaps the gods are smiling on us, though they slumber still. I must say that I am not accustomed to having such demands made of me… though it seems clear that you have not been afforded the courtesy due true heroes. You saved my seneschal, not knowing who he was or truly what danger lay ahead.”

“But sir, the city…”

“Yes, friend, but how much longer will it take to find heroes that can help us. These five stand against evil. They faced death and worse without hesitation, without fear, to protect you, an unknown to them.”

Obanar turns to the group. “I will perform the ritual. I’ve only got enough material to do this once… hopefully this doesn’t become a common occurrence, else all is lost. It will take 8 hours to coax his spirit back into his body. I think the city will hold until then, though we will see. Perhaps you should rest while I tend to your friend. I will need your help getting him to the Temple of the Dawn, however. Afterward, Rrowthar can show you to the Hall of Champions. Hopefully you can find some rest there.”

Before bedding down for the night, the team asks further about the events of the past day. Obanar explains that the giants seem to be working with some elementals to gather the pieces to the Divine Engine, a powerful device used during the Dawn War to imprison the Primordial known as Piranoth. He figures that if they can rebuild the device, they can use it to free Piranoth, which must not happen. He also explains that there are a number of things they can do to help – they can find out what happened to the Torrians, for they will need their help in the coming days. The team can try and locate Sky Metal, which Obanar can use to make the Implements of Argent for the adventurers. Or, the group can investigate the Divine Engine itself. The party decides to sleep on it.

As the team slumbers, somewhat fitfully due to the constant bombardment from the giants amassed outside the barriers, Obanar performs the Raise Dead ritual on Dow’s body. When he is done, a worn-out Guardian and the newly resurrected Dow make their way to the reflecting pool. Obanar sends his seneschal to gather the team.

However, before they can talk much, the ground around the reflecting pool erupts as a pair of Bulettes burrow burst out of the ground. The team goes into action once more, though Dow seems a bit out of sorts still. More creatures arrive from the tunnels left behind the Bulettes, and the group has quite a fight on their hands. Obanar immediately moves to the status of Erathis at one end of the pool, trying to reactivate the defenses in this area and stop the threat. A basilisk lumbers out of the nearest hole and gazes upon Obanar, slowing him only temporarily. The basilisk catches Dow in its gaze as well, who nearly becomes petrified before shaking off the curse.

Eventually, Obanar is able to turn the defenses back on just as the team finishes off nearly the entire attacking force. The surviving monster, a bulette, dives back into the ground and disappears. Obanar races to the reflecting pool, and waving a hand over its still waters, brings up a map of the city which he uses to locate more intruders. "Damnit! I had hoped this wouldn’t happen, but during the time that I was tending to your friend, the city’s defenses weakened and now we must stop these intruders before going further. “I will go to the Guardian’s Tower to fix the rest of the defenses. Please, follow Rrowthar and take care of this!”

In a very run-down part of the city, the group comes across a large, pulsing ball of elemental energy in the middle of a courtyard. Here, huge Magma Striders, Magma Brutes and Earth Gravelshards appear from over and between buildings to surround and pummel the heroes. A hill-giant shaman directs the crowd, and the escaped Bulette reappears to finish off the adventurers.

Of course, it never works that way, does it?

Orden’s spirit companions block the way for one of the elementals to reach the fray. In fact, the companion takes out two of the Gravelshards before the creatures wise to its threat. The rest of the team locks down the fight with extreme efficiency, and soon all of the elementals lie dead in the street. Ashoril finds a ritual scroll on the hill giant and uses it to close the rift, though not before unleashing a huge blast of energy which rocks the entire party.

Rrowthar takes them all to the Guardian’s Tower, where the distraught Obanar tells them that there are a few last intruders… but they are in his own tower…



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