In the Court of the Drow Queen
In which our Heroes are presented a one-sided choice
Trapped in Thelfiosa
In which our Heroes attempt to flee the drow-infested Eladrin city of Thelfiosa undetected
The Next Step Must Be Decided

“Eastern Orcs have Inferno, horde leader is Nask Silverfang. Intends to unite all orcs. Can send message to him. What to do next? In Jestril.”

“Scouts already march to eastern smoke. Kamulke is assisting Elves. Something stirs in Aruth. Learn what you can on your way home. Bring allies soon.”

Trouble at the Prison, Part I
In which our heroes try to fix the prison problem
  • After a terse interrogation, the Orc Champion’s neck meets the sharp edge of Laeryth’s fullblade. The only useful item gleaned from the questioning, the orc’s head, is placed in a sack as evidence for the Council, and takes the nearest exit – a ladder leading to the Dwarven District. The Orc scouting party was traveling very light and without markings, apparently as an effort to blend in more effectively.
  • The party makes its way back to the Horn of Valir for some much needed rest. They feel stronger when they wake, and Khalsig no longer feels like taking ** from bloodied bad guys.
  • The Council is impressed with the discovery of the hole and are working to plug it up before the Orcish horde arrives. They mention that the breach appears to have been made by an Artifact much like the one the Party rescued near Cartha. Such stones were used to quickly move massive amounts of land in order to carve out a place for Jestril.
  • The Party also learns that Lugo, the half-eaten man in the sewers, is a known trader of illicit goods and that the Jester’s Horse is a seedy brothel in the Eastern Quarter.
  • Our heroes decide to take on the problem going on at the Magister prison. They are led to the gates and locked in.
  • Inside the prison tower, the characters choose to take the large elevator platform to the top of the tower and work their way down. A small round artifact granted the party by ??? activates the platform, and Lenk pulls a nearby lever to direct the platform skyward.
  • As they ascend the prison tower, the characters get the feeling that something is wrong. Most of the party has the good sense to move to the walls, but a confused Firrian remains in the center of the platform. He soon finds himself smashed between the solid wood of the platform and a familiar form – the many-mouthed blob of Agnoth. Both the Eladrin and the platform take significant damage from the falling monstrosity, and the party realizes that they are now descending the smooth-walled shaft.
  • His free-fall broken by Firrian, Agnoth sets upon the party.
  • Lenk is pretty sure that the platform is broken, but cannot figure out how just yet. As the battle rages, Firrian is able to make his way to the lock and lever mechanisms. He ends up wasting a good deal of time working out that the platform is broken, it could maybe be fixed by getting underneath the platform, and the failure was mechanical, not arcane.
  • The rest of the party is picking up steam against the form of Agnoth, just as the platform accelerates toward certain doom. As the team passes by the main hall where they entered, they are no closer to figuring out what to do than when they started. The speed of the platform is such now that movement becomes difficult.
  • Agnoth’s many mouths howl witheringly as the final blow is struck. With the platform plunging ever faster and no discernible options left to his weak brain, Firrian takes his longsword off his back and with a perfect strike, managed to wedge it between the platform and the wall. As he pulls, trying to slow the elevator, the sword shatters, sending a longish piece skyward. The platform smashes into the bottom of the shaft, and the party needs time afterward to lick their wounds.
  • The bottom floor of the prison is filled with a cacophony of tortured screams and blood-thirsty voices. The team recognizes this place – this is where they were questioned in the long ago after retrieving the first Artifact.
  • Readied for more trials, the team moves out. Laeryth sneaks up ahead and down a familiar passageway. Soon, however, he encounters an inky blackness that the sunrods seem unable to penetrate. Slowly, he moves into the darkness; he can see a short distance once inside, but that is about it. Nothing seems too out of place yet.
  • Rounding the corner, in the interrogation room itself is a what-used-to-be-human-but-is-now-becoming-another-Agnoth mage, apparently attempting to drain the life from a Council mage. This Agnoth form is incomplete, legs engulfed within the rotting ooze of Agnoth, a large tentacle instead of an arm. Separating the party from the scene is a solid sheet of “glass”.
  • Lenk and Laeryth spring into action first, shattering the glass and interrupting the life-draining being performed by the new Agnoth. It turns to face its new challengers, and a familiar visage greets our heroes. Extending his massive, tentacled arm, a much more powerful Jonn shrieks at the party: “YOU! TRAITORS! YOU LEFT ME HERE TO DIE!”
  • Surprised and confused by the revelation of Jonn’s fate, Firrian and Khalsig are gobsmacked and late to act. From the shadowy corners of the room appear four warriors, and they descend upon our party, splitting and isolating them…
The Jestril Sewers
  • The battle with the otyughs and carrion crawlers continues. It is a long fight, and at one point Lenk succumbs to the nashing teeth and flailing tentacles of the otyughs, falling into the muck.
  • Khalsig rouses the half-orc, and Firrian and Laeryth finish the creatures off.
  • Deciding to take a moment during a short rest to search through the muck, Laeryth discovers a body. A portly gentleman, seemingly well-off before his demise, lays in a pile of filth, his legs eaten. In attire suitable for a merchant, his pockets are empty. However, in the muck under the corpse, Laeryth discovers a letter. It is barely readable, but the following can still be made out.

M. Lugo, it is my hope that our business can proceed as planned. After you have obtained what we have asked for, you can inquire as to my whereabouts at the Jester’s Horse.

  • The party continues exploring the sewers, finally making their way north through the winding passages. Up ahead, the path is blocked by a wall of boxes, apparently stacked in haste. Sneaking up to the crates, Laeyrth peers through a crack and sees a small cadre of orcs apparently attempting to construct some shabby form of shelter out of old boxes and wood scraps. On the far side of the sewer chamber a large orc with a barbed spear issues orders from atop a stack of boxes.
  • Wasting no time, Lenk charges through the wall of boxes. He is quickly surrounded by spear-wielding orcs.
  • An orc priest, hiding from view, began weakening the party with curses and violent earth magic, drawing Laeryth’s ire. The elf declared his undying hatred for the priest and quickly engaged him.
  • The battle raged on, and the fast-moving harriers could not reach the priest before it fell to the Avenger’s blade. The large orc Champion was taking Lenk apart with his blood-letting spear, and Firrian and Khalsig were doing all they could to keep the half-orc upright while fending off the spears of the harriers.
  • As the battle progressed, a violent scrum was forming in the center of the chamber, as Lenk, Firrian, and Laeryth battle for positions of advantage and the party of orcs did the same. Eventually the skill of the party was too much for the orcs, and the party outlasted them.
  • Weak but still standing, the party stands in a large sewer chamber, surrounding by the splintered remains of the orcs defensive structures, and covered in blood. The orc champion, currently unconcious on the floor from Lenk’s final blow, begins to stir…
Back to Jestril

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