Jestril Politics

Jestril is run by several competing factions. It has been almost 200 years since the Council was formed to assist in the day-to-day governance of the rapidly growing population, and in the years since the monarch has become more and more of a figurehead. King Agannon VIII is a strong leader, and it is well known that it is by his influence that the recovery of artifacts has increased tenfold over the last forty years.

The council itself is made up of a dozen leaders from the cities various factions. It has grown to include a dozen members, chosen for life and replaced by a vote of the remaining council members upon death. At present, six Magisters sit on the council, making the Tower defacto rulers of the city, giving the politics a hint of magocracy, and creating a small counter culture of citizens who view the Magisters as a threat to their way of life.

Current Political Climate:

  • The disappearance of Shodan and the subsequent campaign of the Adventurer’s Guild to seek for him all over Tarlisalia has opened several possibilities. To some, the King has weakened Jestril by sending the respected adventurers far from the city.
  • The presence of Quarion and the Eladrin Host are creating quite a stir. The council is in frantic debate over how best to proceed.
  • Fear of a Magister coup are starting to rise to the surface

The Council:

  • Osmund, High Wizard, Lord of the Magisters
  • Einrasa, Wizard, Second of the Magisters
  • Milton, Magister, Master of Libraries
  • Sigrid, Magister, Mistress of Relics
  • Eldon, Magister
  • Merus, Magister
  • Tharion, High Priest of Erathis
  • Aram, High Priest of Ioun
  • Gudrun, Leader of the Free Dwarven People of Jestril
  • Faust, Commander General of the Jestril Army
  • Thorvald, Captain of the Royal Guard
  • Ingald, Leader of the Merchant Guild

The Adventurer’s Guild, or The Grey

The Watch, or The Blackguard

The Free Quarter

  • The Orcish Tankard

The Merchants Quarter

  • The Horn of Valir

The Scholars Quarter

The Royal Quarter


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