The nation of Tarsis began as the Aruth Empire ended. The last of the Empire’s holdings to announce their independence in the wake of the Last War, the kingdom now stretches from the Western Hold to the southern coast. Most of the land is covered by the Iron Oak Forest, and the kingdom has grown to protect the lands of the Faustrim Hills, a large free country of rolling plains of grassland. Tarsis boasts a large and vibrant trade economy, as they have the only access by road to the Dwarven lands of Ungolliath, bringing the city of Jestril an unprecedented amount of wealth and status as the new capital of the West.


A character knows the following information with a successful skill check:

History DC 15: The large dark spires that the city of Jestril was founded upon mark the ground where Gorranax the Decrepit fell to his death after being struck down by Blah the Jester.

History DC 19:

History DC 25,Religion DC 21,or Fey Background: The Iron Oak Forest used to be home to several large covens of Druids, and their ancient sites of worship often contained strong borders with the Feywild. The Hierophants, even the humans, could often perform these crossings at will.


Settlements and Features




Faustrim Hills

High Pass Hold

Iron Oak Forest


Capital City, Population 70,000



Temple of Ioun


Western Hold


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