The Watch

The Watch (also known as The Blackcloaks inside Jestril walls) are an organization comprised of those who wish to discover not only the true purpose of the dark stone Artifacts upon which Jestril’s economy is based, but also the true motivations of the Jestril Council who pay good money for their recovery.

Currently lead by Kassavin Willana, the Watch has made various attempts at infiltrating the Council, seeking answers. They are certain to a man that the Council is hiding some dark truth from the citizens of Jestril, and they are prepared to make sacrifices to uncover it.


History 19 DC or Royal Son of Jestril Background: The Watch take their name from the Five Guardians of Tower’s Watch, the band of adventurers responsible for bringing about the defeat of Gorranax the Decrepit during the Last War. While they sacrificed their lives to end the war, it was the Jester who ultimately slew the Demon Lord and took the lion’s share of the credit.

Gentleman. I fear I owe you more than an apology. Had I been with the men at the Tankard, perhaps we would not be meeting in a Magister prison, fine though it may be. While you are in no danger from the Council – unless, of course, you would support the actions of your unstable friend – perhaps you’d find me more favorable had you not been attacked by my men.

Let me be clear – you were not their target. If you take nothing else from this, please understand that the orders I gave were to put down a Demonic presence felt in the Free Quarter. That the Council gave those cretins the Grey is as clear a sign of their desperation as you’ll find. It had been a fortnight since adventurers had been to the Horn, how could I know that another group would arrive so soon on their heels?

The men were to keep watch in all of the places in the Free that I could think to send them. They were to take the poor fools alive if possible. Against my word, some of the men chose to poison themselves instead of risking Domination by whatever dark force they encountered. We have ways of removing domination; it saddens me that they chose death.

Let me tell you who I am. My name is Kassavin Willana. I have been the leader of the Watch for the past twenty years, and in that time my efforts to determine the true origin of Jestril’s beloved Artifacts have been met with resistance and violence. Were we to operate in the open, we would be hounded by the City Guard, the Magisters, and the very Council itself.

My allies and I founded the Watch when it became apparent that the Artifacts had a purpose, a purpose that could not be fulfilled if we continued to remove them. We confronted the Council, and faced Exile for it.

Twenty years. Far from Tarsis we rallied and planned our return. In the far corners of Tarlisalia we fought to protect the Artifacts, but our new home in Valyn was … destroyed. I would see Jestril avoid that fate. The trouble in Cartha, the presence of a demonic force within the city walls… darkness is coming, friends, and I would count you as allies against it. The Council will send you after the same foe as I, so do as they wish for now. Think on what I’ve said; perhaps I’ll seek you at the Horn when you return.”

The Watch

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