Wear the Grey

“Wearing the Grey” is a phrase used in Tarsis to identify members of society who are entitled by the Council of Jestril to function as adventurers, taking contracts from the Council and other licensed parties.

The phrase is derived from the honorary cloak, charcoal grey in color, that is bestowed upon the new Sellsword, clasped with a silver broach containing the emblem of Tarsis overlayed with the seal of the Adventurer’s Guild.

While legally a formality, those expecting to be treated to the customer night’s lodging at a lordling’s manor, or even those wishing to avoid unwanted questioning at the hands of The Watch should keep their cloaks and broaches handy. The Tarsis Thieves’ Guild is known to keep a few cloaks, although being caught with one of these is a serious offense.

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Wear the Grey

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