The World of Tarlisalia, circa 4785

The world of Tarlisalia has known prosperity and peace for ten generations. From the southern merchant empire of the Tyrian Islands to the Eyries of the Dragonlords of the eastern Kyfal Mountains, the rewards of the last defeat of Gorranax the Decrepit have been reaped by all who dwell here.

At the heart of the triumph of The Last War sits sits Jestril, capital city of the Human kingdom of Tarsis. Built around the spire that rose from the earth where Gorranax fell, Jestril has changed over the centuries from the guardian of that terrible site, to the home of scholarship and magic. With the principle export being knowledge, Jestril has spread its influence to the civilized places of Tarlisalia through architecture, politics, and art.

Of course, adventuring still has a place in this world of peace, as many men and women enter into contracts with the many Noble houses of the land, to whom ownership of ancient relics are a formidable currency – it is through the study of these artifacts that Jestril’s scholars learn the secrets of the past. Adventurers know little of the peace afforded the world at large. Staying one step ahead of another party from a rival faction, facing a clergy-funded group of zealots charged with acquiring a holy relic at any cost, or delving into an ancient tomb, it is a dangerous life.

Perhaps the most famous of these adventurers, a Warlord from the desert realm of Periotor known as Shodan, has amassed a fortune as the most successful treasure hunter of the day. Several museums and the towers of Jestrils Magisters overflow with artifacts for study from his work alone.

Several months have passed since Shodan left Jestril on his latest adventure. After a three-day festival was held in his honor, Shodan and his crew were led through the City-State in a grand parade, and at the end, The Hero bade the city farewell. Swearing only to return when his greatest find was in his hands, Shodan boarded his frigate Corsidan and set out across the Lake of Moons.

Amidst fears that Shodan is weeks late in returning, King Agannon VIII has sent the finest knights and heroes in Jestril to search for Shodan and discover the truth. The Council of Jestril has put out a call for new initiates to earn their cloaks, and with it a chance to work in the realm as adventurers. With a chance to “wear the Grey” at hand, you have arrived at the port of Cartha to seek your destiny. Of course, these things have strange ways of working out…


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